Basic Rules of Travelling with Pets

Basic Rules of Travelling with Pets

We know how much your pets are important for you, so why not take them on vacation? Whether you are the owner of a small or big one, we have prepared a special set of guidelines to make sure your pet will endure the flight safely and comfortably.

In general, there are options for pets on regular flights:

  • Travelling in the passenger cabin of the aircraft (PETC).
  • As tracked checked baggage (AVIH).
  • In the cargo hold.

Due to the popularity of air travelling, all the nuances have long been resolved at the international level. In addition to the basic accepted rules, there are internal regulations for individual airlines. Therefore, before ordering a ticket, we recommend that you look at the official website of your carrier and read the corresponding information.

Animals that can be carried in the cabin:

  • Service dogs under the supervision of the handler and guide dogs. Both categories must necessarily be in a collar and muzzle, during the entire flight they are tied to the foot of the passenger’s chair.
  • Small animals, the weight of which, together with the container, does not exceed 8 kilograms.

The rules of transportation clearly indicate a list of reasons why animals cannot be taken on board:

  • sick ones that experience pain from movement;
  • pets with serious injuries;
  • puppies and kittens up to 56 days unaccompanied by the mother;
  • pregnant mates during the last trimester.

In addition, the legislation of any country requires the owners to have veterinary documents. This is an international certificate from the clinics, as well as a veterinary and sanitary passport.

Planning a trip, you should contact the veterinary clinic. Come there with the animal where he or she will undergo examination, antihelminthic treatment, if necessary, as well as a series of vaccination against rabies and infections. After the examination and possible tests all necessary data will be included in the passport. In the event that you are going to fly to one of the countries of the European Union, you must chip your pet. The implantation of a tiny metal device with a data code is already a usual procedure. But without adding the animal’s data to the electronic database you will not be allowed to cross the border.

No Stress

Of course, such voyages are a source of stress for your small friend. Be careful with the paperwork and watch your animal. And give this credent creature more attention on the way, since such a change of scenery and a constant flow of sounds, smells and people will necessarily be a shock factor. Especially for small ones.

With a careful attitude and following the rules of the carrier, the route abroad or just to the neighbour city will pass easily and without problems.

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