5 Tips How to Fly Cheaply to Different Countries

5 Tips How to Fly Cheaply to Different Countries

In the age of high technologies and Internet boom miracles are possible. Don’t wait any more, just start New York Kiev cheap flights a lot and save for a new car!

First of all, you should think about basic questions concerning this issue:

  • How to learn to search and book tickets correctly?
  • How to benefit from all the opportunities that airlines and travel aggregators give?
  • What is a way to travel a lot with low budget?

Reading articles and news on different sites, you have already noted a number of ways to buy air tickets at the lowest price, sometimes – at a really surprising price! In this article we begin with the basic knowledge and gradually will come to advanced skills and the smartest methods to bring down the price of flight.

Here are top 5 recommendations how to learn the art of travelling for low costs:

1. Use the capabilities of search engines at 100%

This is the easiest and most reliable way to find tickets at the lowest price. The essence of their work is to compare the prices among hundreds of airlines and all major agencies and find the best offer.

2. Subscription for discounts and price reduction.

Extremely popular option that allows you spotting the best price at a time when it’s decreasing. It is not necessary to check it daily on the destination you need, simply sign up for news about changes in the cost.

3. Low prices calendar

Great invention due to which you can:

  • Mark specific dates or search for several months at once;
  • Set the duration of the planned trip;
  • Filter all options;
  • Comparison of specific departure days between each other.

The system also shows information about interesting events and holidays in this or that month.

4. Wait for the right moment

Buying the cheapest tickets is possible not only at a certain time. Therefore, try to be updated. Monitor the market. Once you have read the news about the sale or have found an attractive option on the Skyscanner, do not hesitate – buy.

Also you need to know the periods when airplane tickets can be bought cheaper:

  • one year before the planned trip;
  • 2-3 months prior to departure;
  • a few days before departure.

5. Join forces with other people

Some airlines are ready to make discounts to passengers if they fly together and book for several passengers at once.

For example, some European lowcosters usually provide discounts when air tickets for two and three people are booked: it can be 7-10 euros for each. Some airlines have a loyalty program and invite travelers into a group or club. By purchasing membership in it ($30 for two, $50 for up to 5 people), you can buy any tickets for at least $10 cheaper within a year. That means that your investment pays off immediately.

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